Suspended Triceps Extension (with rope)

Suspended Triceps Extension (with rope)


Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Grasp triceps rope hanging from secured bar (chest height or lower). Position forefeet on floor, back from bar with body straight. Elbows can be either be completely bent or straight during mount with upper arms somewhat perpendicular with body.


Keeping body straight, raise body up and back up until arms are extended. Lower body by bending elbows, allowing head to travel between ends of rope. Repeat.


Instead of 1 Triceps Rope (as shown), 2 ab slings or 2 nylon/cloth Stirrups with long straps can also be used (see how to loop cable stirrup onto bar) with overhand grip. Both upper and lower body must be kept straight throughout movement. Height of bar affects difficulty of movement. See Gravity Vectors for greater understanding of how body angle influences resistance. Also see Suspended Triceps Extension with Suspension Trainer.


Resistance can be reduced by performing exercise on higher bar with feet positioned slightly more forward.


Resistance can be increased by lowering bar and positioning feet further back so body is closer to horizontal.

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