Wall Side Neck Bridge

Wall Side Neck Bridge


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Pull



Place small or folded cushioned mat on column or at end of wall approximately shoulder height. With hands supporting mat, stand with side toward mat. Step far to side so feet are away from wall or column forward. Place side of head on mat with shoulder extending over end of adjacent side of column or wall so body leans to side. Fold hands behind low back or hips.


Push side of head into mat and roll onto top of head moving body away from mat. Return to original position by rolling back down to side of head while bringing shoulder back over end of column or wall. Repeat.


Keep body somewhat straight allowing waist to bend outward away from mat slightly at end of lift. See all muscle used in Lateral Flexion:

Thoracic / Lumbar Spine movement is typical in this movement.


Begin with feet slightly closer to wall or column, so neck structures have an opportunity to adapt. Standard neck exercises with light weights can also be less intense.


Movement is more challenging when feet are positioned further from column or wall.

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