Lever Lying Leg Press (custom - plate loaded)

Lever Lying Leg Press (plate loaded)


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Lie supine on padded platform. Place hands on bars above head or to sides. Place feet flat on lever platform with hips and knees bent.


Push lever platform by extending hips and knees until knees are straight. Flex hips and knees to descend until knees are just short of complete flexion. Repeat.


Adjust machine to accommodate near full range of motion without forcing hips to rise at waist. Keep knees pointed same directions as feet. Do not allow heels to raise off of platform, pushing with both heel and forefoot. Placing feet slightly high on platform emphasizes Gluteus Maximus. Placing feet slightly lower on platform emphasizes Quadriceps. Unique apparatus is designed and built by Tracey Cheuvront.

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