Suspended Self-assisted Chest Dip

Suspended Self-assisted Chest Dip


Utility: Basic
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Stand between two suspension handles, approximately mid-thigh height. Grasp handles on each side and straighten arms with shoulders above hands. Hold position firmly and place portion of body weight on handles.


Lower body by bending arms back. If necessary, use minimal assistance of lower body to control descent, allowing knees to bend, keeping feet in contact with floor. When slight stretch is felt in chest or shoulders, push body up back up until arms are straight. Repeat with minimal assistance from legs.


If lower body is used for assistance, Quadriceps are utilized. Hips are kept straighter and body more upright, as compared to Assisted Triceps Dip. This exercise can be performed on adjustable length gymnastics rings or a dual anchored suspension trainer.


Resistance can be reduced by pushing with legs more.


Suspended Chest Dip can be performed with no assistance for greater challenge.

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