Angled Side Bridge

Angled Side Bridge


Utility: Auxiliary
Mechanics: Isolated
Force: Push



Place forearm on padded elevated surface, positioned perpendicular to body. Position feet out away from elevated surface, one foot in front of other with hips and knees straight. Place free hand on upper hip and allow lower hip and waist to bend downward.


Raise hips upward by lateral flexion of spine. Lower to original position and repeat. Repeat with opposite side.


One of very few body weight exercises that directly exercises side deltoid in relatively full range of motion. In addition to lateral flexion of spine, lower hip abducts and upper hip adducts. See Spot Reduction Myth.


Movement can be made easier by positioning forearm on higher elevated surface.


Exercise can be made more challenging by propping forearm on lower height surface. Exercise is hardest when performed off of floor.

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