Utility: Basic or Auxiliary
Mechanics: Compound
Force: Push



Stand with one foot on bench or elevated surface. Position foot on elevated surface to side, forward of straight knee.


Stand on bench by straightening leg and pushing body upward. Step down returning foot off of bench to floor and repeat. Continue with opposite position.


Keep torso upright during exercise. Knee of exercised leg should point same direction as foot. See front view.

Exercise can also be performed by placing travelling foot onto and off of bench next to foot of exercised leg (See demo). Park bench, picnic table and other elevated surfaces can also be used instead of exercise bench.

Weighted versions of this exercise would normally be considered auxiliary in context of other basic exercises (ie: Barbell Squat, Sled Leg Press). However, in the context of 'body weight' only program, this exercise can be considered basic.


Using shorter bench or step will make this movement easier. Arm can also assist.


For greater challenge, use taller bench or box. Barbells and Dumbbells can also provide additional resistance.

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